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Image by Maxwell Ridgeway


100 Stories of Joy

100 Stories of Joy is the second project launched on October 31, 2021, the first day of the COP26 Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.


This project seeks to connect a global community of climate artists, activists and influencers by curating stories of joy, amplifying hope, and connecting those stories to climate action. 

Dancing 4 Climate Justice

Dancing 4 Climate Justice or D4CJ is the first project of, which featured 100 days of dancing by the founder Alma to K-pop music. 

With the likes of global musical sensations BTS and BlackPink, the goal of his project was to shine a light on climate justice actions through dancing. 

Joyful Climate News


Also known as the "Alma & Stephanie Show," Joyful Climate News (JCN) are episodes where the hosts share joyful news and updates about the climate from around the world.

Away from the "gloom and doom" that pervades the typical news cycle, JCN aims to uplift news, updates and actions that hopeful and impact climate justice work. 

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