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Dancing on Rooftop

Dance for the Earth
Virtual Party & Fundraiser

We're dancing for the earth!


This April is Earth Month 2023, and is raising awareness and raising funds through dance and joy. We've seen the power of joy to move us to action, and we want to use this as a catalyst for climate action.


We're inviting you to come together to celebrate our planet and take action to end the climate crisis.

Read on for how to join, what you can do and how we can come together for our planet!


#DancefortheEarth #EarthMonth #EarthDay

How it Works

Ready? Let's Do it!

Got a dance that brings you joy? Are you optimistic about our collective ability to inspire, raise awareness and act to mitigate the climate crisis? Register now and get all the details on how you dance and movement can contribute to climate justice! 

Not ready to show off your dancing skills yet? Help us help others and the climate by making a donation. Your donation will go towards highlighting the stories of people working for climate action on!

Need inspiration? Check these out:

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