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Story 3 - Roke, The Joy of Bengali Poetry

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Alma interviews Roke about The Joy of Bengali Poetry and how it inspires her to Take Action to End the Climate Crisis.

Roke (aka Krishnakali) Chaudhuri, originally from Bengal, India, is a life coach, somatic educator, and spiritual guide. Through her private practice Dare to Manifest, Roke has touched the life of many in the Bay Area and beyond for more than 18 years. She bridges the best of the East and West from scientific to sacred to hold space and provide strategies for peace, love, and joy. When in India she leads transformative retreats for women from around the globe. Roke loves poetry, paints without any reason, and delights in beauty and magic.

  • Watch Roke share her stories about how growing up in Bengal formed her passion for wellness through arts, the mission of Siren Project

  • Listen to Roke reciting Invitation, by Oriah mountain dreamer

  • Here's her favorite little video about one small effort can inspire big change


Enjoy & Engage | Love Poetry and Global Culture?


Alma Talks | Inspired by The Joy of Bengali Poetry


Power of Poetry

Take Action with Global Citizen

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