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Create or Curate 

Your Story of Joy to Action

To End the Climate Crisis

We are actively looking for Climate Hope Guardians!


Dear Reader,


What would you say if I asked, “What brings you joy,  the kind that has you bursting with happiness?”  Does it make you feel like you could do anything?  Train for a marathon, organize your finances, or cook a 7-course meal?


How about taking action to end the climate crisis?


Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, founder of Science Moms, atmospheric scientist, and professor of political science at Texas Tech University talks about how the most important group of people to move into climate action are those of us who are worried about the climate crisis but who feel frozen, hopeless, or confused about how to act.


Do you know anyone like this in your life?  Or maybe that person is you?


Now imagine thinking about the climate crisis from a place of your greatest joy?  Is it oceans, poetry, dancing, your family, making art, hosting parties?  Could this joy motivate you to learn, think, join hands, or talk with others to take action toward climate solutions?

What if we trust that we have all we need to end the climate crisis - that it’s simply a matter of conscious, consistent, and collective action - that it’s not only possible but doable - not only doable but enjoyable?  What if we change the narrative from Climate Crisis to Climate Care?


And that is what Climate Hope is all about., Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in February 2022. Our mission is to inspire joyful action for all to end the climate crisis.



  • By changing the mass mindset from fear to joy. 

  • By enabling millions to transform their joy into climate action. 

  • By building a self-sufficient global network to sustain and support ongoing climate care.


Climate Hope is looking for a cadre of Founding Climate Hope Guardians willing to commit to a monthly amount over a 12 month period to help us create, curate, and connect people and stories from across the climate movement, from people of all backgrounds, generations, levels of experience, and levels of involvement.  We seek to move people from fear and anxiety about the climate crisis to a consistent place of joy, hope, climate care, and climate action.


Backed by our talented, passionate, international  team of strategists, web designers and social media consultants:

  • $25/month x 12 months - allows us to partially create and curate a story

  • $50/month x 12 months - allows us to create and curate a full story

  • $100/month x 12 months - allows us to create and curate a full story, plus amplify and connect the story, people, organizations across multiple social platforms and with our email marketing campaign

  • $200/month x 12 months - allows us to create and curate 2 full stories, plus amplify and connect them across platforms and over email!


Would you like the story to be yours or that of someone you know? Join us and create or curate a story of joy and climate care.






Does a monthly contribution seem too much of a stretch?  No worries!  Really any amount in any form would help us with our mission!  


Our goal is to have 100 stories created, curated, and connected to people, organizations, movements, and communities around the world by the end of 2023, and in doing so moving  1 million people toward joyful climate actions of all kinds!


Would you consider helping us propel the vision to end the climate crisis through hope, joy, and action - in time?


With joy and hope,


Alma Soongi Beck

Founder of, Inc.

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