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2023 Highlights: A Year of Climate Justice Actions

Updated: Jan 31 founder Alma with CH team Kyra at the Climate Reality Training in Seoul

In 2023, and Dancing 4 Climate Justice focused on several key projects and initiatives to inspire action and spread awareness about the climate crisis. Here are some of our notable activities and highlights:

  1. 100 Stories of Joy: This project aims to collect and share stories that bring joy and inspire action towards ending the climate crisis. Featuring climate leaders, activists and community members, each story infuses joy with climate justice. Check out the stories here.

  2. Joyful Climate News: These episodes provide updates and news related to climate change, emphasizing positive developments and solutions with our founder Alma and Stephanie, Chapter Chair of Climate Reality San Diego! Watch the episodes here.

  3. Celebration of Lunar New Year: Dancing4ClimateJustice celebrated the Lunar New Year in 2023, correlating it with themes of hope, joy, and dreams for impactful work in climate justice. Read all about it here.

  4. Earth Month 2023: This was a chance for both Climate Hope and Dancing 4 Climate Justice to align with global Earth Day celebrations and initiatives with a live event via YouTube premiere. Watch our #Dance4theEarth video here.

  5. Climate Reality Leadership Training in Seoul: Our founder Alma and others on the CH team attended a Climate Reality leadership training in Seoul in August 2023, wherein a clip of her and Kyra were featured in the organization recap of the training. Read a recap of their time in Seoul here.

  6. Celebration of Native American Heritage Month: In November 2023, highlighted the importance of Indigenous communities in the fight for climate justice. ClimateHope co-sponsored a YouTube premiere featuring Indigenous leaders who discussed their roles and contributions to climate justice, with calls to action to engage the community. Read all about it here and watch the premiere.

  7. Community Engagement and Actions: Both ClimateHope and Dancing4ClimateJustice encouraged community engagement through events like the Green Change event as well as actions for climate resiliency and climate action with local organizations like Climate Reality Bay Area.

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