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Beautiful Nature


Our Mission & Vision is an online hub and a global community. Our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take joyful action towards ending the global climate crisis.

We do so by:

  1. Helping people tap into their joy to motivate meaningful and consistent attention and action toward ending the global climate crisis.

  2. Providing resources, connections, and communities to support joyful and sustainable climate action.

  3. Building an online presence for people to share and spread their stories of joyful climate action. envisions a future in which the people and the planet are thriving in interdependency because the climate crisis has been averted, and climate care is woven into the fabric of daily life.

Meet the Team

Alma is a Korean American lawyer, dancer, and surfer seeking to inspire others to take action to end the climate crisis and reverse global warming. Alma’s climate work began with Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism (also known as SAL/UER). Since 2020, Alma has been serving as Climate Justice Co-Chair of the Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter, and in her trusts and estates law practice, she gives presentations for other professional advisors on Land Back to Indigenous Communities.

Alma, Founder

Pia Cortez is a storyteller at heart: swimming in the worlds of communications, public relations and marketing. Half the time she's underwater--she is a certified Molchanovs freediver, a licensed PADI scuba diver and lifelong conservationist. Her work revolves around creating stories and campaigns around art, movement, literature and climate, and she lives between the Bay Area and Bohol, Philippines. When she's above surface, she writes book reviews and dotes on her corgi Boogie.

Pia, Creative Director wouldn't be possible without our past collaborators. Our gratitude to Roke, Chuck and Kyra for contributing their joy and passion to this project. Thank you to Angela, Dan, Rayray, Alana and Yua for their  and Angela for their help with D4CJ, and to Kevin and Junior for their constant support. 

It takes a village.

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