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Joyful Climate News - Episode 5

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Welcome back to ClimateHope.US and our new segment, Joyful Climate News, also known as the Alma & Stephanie Show. The 5th Episode is here!


What's joyful in our lives recently? Stephanie shares about her recent joy from thrifting and upcycling during her visit to Joshua Tree National Park. Alma shares her experiences in Busan, Korea, including watching BTS on a big screen at Haeundae Beach!

As we launch Story 5 with Professor Amy Sueyoshi on the Joy of Upcycling, Alma and Stephanie once again find hope and inspiration in Joyful Climate News.

1. Hopeful News from COP27

Want to read some hopeful news from the 27th annual U.N. Climate Conference (COP27, or Conference of the Parties) that recently concluded in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt? We know that it's easy to find disappointing news about the COP... and yet, isn't it incredibly hopeful that the annual COP conferences take place at all? (Imagine if they didn't!) in fact, as Wired reporter Gregory Barber put it in his article 5 Good Ideas from COP27, the Conference concluded with a new Loss and Damages fund for vulnerable countries, the launch of Climate Trace to track by satellite actual emissions of greenhouse (making it harder for polluters to hide!), and new rules on methane requiring closer monitoring of oil/gas wells and pipelines as well as quicker tightening of gas leaks! Alma & Stephanie remind us the importance of noticing progress, even in the face of wanting more.

2. The Joy of (The) Ocean Cleanup and the Power of Young Adults

Feeling hopeless about plastic waste in the oceans? Check out BTS's video about the power of we/us/together to turn small actions into a new wave of eco-consciousness. Then visit, support, and follow The Ocean Cleanup, founded by Netherlands young adult Boyan Slat and dedicated to cleaning up 90% of floating ocean plastic pollution (think: Pacific Garbage Patch(es) the size of France!)... conceived as a high school project when Boyan was a teenager!

Talking about joyful climate connections, here's surfer Kelly Slater takes a selfie with Boyan Slaton the Interceptor 007 in Los Angeles County.

We can help out by rethinking the lifecycle of our products and how to reduce (or eliminate) plastic waste!

3. Conscious Gift-Giving for the Love of the Planet

Dancing4ClimateJustice has updated the D4CJ Gifting Guide! Alma & Stephanie also share some of their favorite waste savers, such as shampoo bars, cloth gift bags, and wrapping scarves, as well as some online resources for products to help us eliminate plastics in our lives, including 30 Ways to Eliminate Plastic from your Life, 10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Zero Waste Store.


Here's what YOU can do!

So much is happening around the world that is inspiring joy, hope, and climate action. Some things YOU can do from this episode of Joyful Climate News include:


  • Watch Amy’s Story – The Joy of Upcycling.

  • Watch Galaxy x BTS, a beautiful and inspiring short about oceans & plastic pollution.

  • Visit & Support The Ocean Cleanup, a teenager's school project turned into a non-profit that aims at cleaning up 90% of ocean's plastic.


Like what you see? Make a tax-deductible donation to ClimateHope.US, a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, to inspire joyful action to end the global climate crisis!

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