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Joyful Climate News - Episode 7

Updated: Feb 28

Welcome back to ClimateHope.US and a new segment, Joyful Climate News, also known as the Alma & Stephanie Show. The 7th Episode is live!

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Episode 7 is our Lunar New Year Episode! It's been a while since our last episode, and Alma and Stephanie are excited to catch up with each other again and to talk about all the joyful things in the Year of the Wood Dragon. Alma shares how she celebrates Korean New Year, and Stephanie shares how she's excited to visit the Georgia Aquarium!

1. SIKU app

Stephanie is excited about SIKU, an indigenous social media network and a remarkable app crafted with deep respect for Indigenous communities across the Arctic. SIKU isn't just any app–it's a celebration of traditional knowledge and a bridge between generations. Picture journeying through the majestic Arctic landscapes, observing wildlife, and sharing ancestral stories with fellow hunters and gatherers. SIKU honors Indigenous cultures by providing a platform to map journeys, document observations, and exchange invaluable wisdom, all while fostering environmental stewardship. Join us in honoring and preserving Indigenous traditions with SIKU – where every interaction is a step toward cultural understanding and respect.

2. Earth Month Celebration with Indigenous Voices from Napa and the Climate Reality Project Chapters in the Bay Area and San Diego

To launch Earth Month on April 1, 2024, Alma announced an Indigenous Voices Project event hosted by the Climate Reality Project Bay Area Chapter (Alma's Chapter) and co-sponsored by the Climate Reality Project San Diego Chapter (Stephanie's Chapter). The program will be with Charlie Toledo (Towa), Executive Director of Suscol Intertribal Council in Napa who will share some Indigenous perspectives on fire season that are crucial for settler climate activists to know. Check out the event details here.

3. Another Joyful Climate Story with Pia, The Joy of Diving

We will soon be posting our new story featuring Pia, Climate Hope's Creative Director! In this video, Pia shares about her joy of diving and how it propels her to climate justice. Watch for photos and videos of the underwater world and what you can do for our oceans. Story will be available soon!

Here's what YOU can do!

So much is happening around the world that is inspiring joy, hope, and climate action. Actions taken in the next 10 years will have reverberating impacts for then next 1000! Want to be part of the solution? Here are some things YOU can do from this episode of Joyful Climate News include:

Like what you see? Make a tax-deductible donation to, Inc., a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, to inspire joyful action to end the global climate crisis!

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