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Story 7 - Jamiah, The Joy of Nature Walks

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

We're excited to share Story No. 7, featuring Jamiah Adams and The Joy of Nature Walks. Jamiah shares her love of nature walks and trails in the Bay Area, and notes how the effects of climate change (from drought to torrential rains) have drastically changed the landscape. She also points out something she noticed during the pandemic: a shift in behavior with nature, where animals started coming back and nature started thriving again because of the changes in human activity.

Jamiah believes in the power of community in Vallejo where she lives, as well as in San Francisco Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood where environmental justice and climate justice groups have been fighting in coalition for full clean-up of radioactive and toxic contaminants from the now defunct Naval shipyard.

"I want to encourage those who are older and consider themselves older to really talk to young people by grounding them in other historical fights, talk to them about other movements that had a long arc and push towards hope."

A few things about Jamiah:

  • She is currently the Senior Vice President of Diversity and Justice at Climate Reality Project

  • Her family influenced her environmentalism: her father used to take her to local parks, festivals and the outdoors, and her mother taught her how to recycle.

  • She is an intersectional environmentalist believing in the ecosystem of climate justice, housing, immigration and racial equity.

Inspired by Jamiah's story?


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