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Story 9 - Pia, The Joy of Diving

Updated: Mar 24

A new story is here for a new year! In this story, Alma speaks with Pia Cortez,'s very own Creative Director!

Pia shares her joy of being underwater which has led her to move back to the Philippines as she explored scuba diving and freediving. From witnessing the destruction of coral reefs and living in an island nation which has consistently been ravaged by typhoons, she draws from her joy of diving the myriad of ways that people can contribute to mitigate the climate crisis.

Watch the video now and learn more about what it takes to become an ambassador of the oceans and ultimately, of the planet.

A few things about Pia:

  • She is a queer immigrant writer and reviews books

  • She believes that we, as individuals, can bring about systemic change through small actions

  • She is obsessed with her corgi, Boogie, soon to be's "AmbassaDog"

  • Follow her on IG at @_piacortez

Inspired by Pia's story?


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