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Story 6 - Vince, The Joy of Homeland

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We're excited to share Story No. 6, featuring Vince Crisostomo and The Joy of Homeland. In this story, Alma speaks with Vince about his work and the connections made between HIV work and climate work which transcends nations, islands, oceans.

Vince is currently the Director of Aging Services at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and was honored as the Community Grand Marshall at the San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration in 2019.

A few things about Vince:

  • He is a Chamorro (Pacific Islander) who believes in the power of community and is passionate about bringing healthcare and social justice equity to people of every sexual identity, HIV status, gender, race and age.

  • Vince has worked in the US and Asia Pacific region as an HIV educator and executive director for community-based organizations, including the Coral Life Foundation and 7 Sisters.

Inspired by Vince's story?


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