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Story 8 - Michael, The Joy of Livable Cities

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Here's story No. 8, featuring Michael Nguyen and The Joy of Livable Cities. Michael is a San Francisco-based activist and community organizer, and we're so excited to feature Michael and his work in this story.

Our collaborations with Michael go way back, as we featured him on the Dancing 4 Climate Justice project. You can watch him perform as Juicy Liu here, and Michael shares how one of his joys is doing drag which encompasses how he views his work on climate justice.

As part of his work with the non-profit organization Livable City, he envisions a world where everyone can live in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities to live in the country. To learn more about Michael and his work, check out the whole video above!

A few things about Michael:

  • He is a lawyer by day, a drag queen at night

  • He believes that climate justice is a queer issue

  • In everything that Michael does, he's always relating it to his drag persona Juicy Liu and asking: how can he make the work juicy?

Inspired by Michael's story?


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To view video on our sibling project site Dancing 4 Climate Justice, click here.

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