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Story 4 - Kevin, The Joy of Hip Hop Dance

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Alma interviews Kevin about The Joy of Hip Hop Dance and how it inspires them to connect their joy to climate action.

Kevin lives in the house where he grew up in Novato, California. As a nonprofit community advocate, his clients include arts and entertainment organizations, social justice groups, educational institutions, and organizations focused on environmental stewardship.

A few things about Kevin:

  • Kevin is also a nonprofit community advocate. Day-to-day, as a team leader, he helps paid staff and volunteers tackle big challenges like reducing reliance on fossil fuels, ending systemic racism, and reforming public safety

  • He also believes in the power of electric vehicles (EVs). While buying or leasing a car is often the most costly thing we do in any given decade, EV acquisition costs are about the same as comparable gas vehicles, and their cost of ownership is lower. Plus, switching to an EV will likely reduce your personal carbon footprint by about 50% — it’s the single most important step to take.

Love Hip Hop and Climate Action?


Alma Talks | Inspired by The Joy of Hip Hop Dance


Kevin dances with Alma & Kyra

Take Action with Green Change

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