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Joyful Climate News - Episode 1

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We at ClimateHope.US are delighted to launch a new segment, Joyful Climate News, also known as the Alma & Stephanie Show! See below for the First Episode.

News Highlights

It is fun to watch these two Climate Reality Project and Climate Hope leaders talk about what's happening in the climate world from a joyful perspective. It's hard to miss and the inspiration that comes from how they connect what brings them joy to climate action.

In this first episode, Alma & Stephanie cover the following pieces of news and offers suggestions on how you can connect your joy to climate action:

1. The Joy of Collaboration - Part 1

benny blanco, BTS, and Snoop Dogg Make Some Bad (Good) Decisions

benny blanco, BTS, & Snoop Dogg collaborate on "Bad Decisions". Watch Alma dancing to Dynamite and be inspired by her joy of dancing to BTS! Follow-up with more dancing and climate news at Dancing 4 Climate Justice, our first Climate Hope project.

2. The Joy of Collaboration - Part 2

Congress makes some Good Decisions and passes the IRA!

On August 16, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), a bill that will invest $369 billion in climate solutions and environmental justice. The bill will put us on a path to 40% emissions reduction by 2030 while restoring U.S. credibility to lead climate action on the global stage.

3. The Joy of Climate Action

"Climate Action Now" makes climate action easy!

Alma and Stephanie rave about the Climate Action Now App! The CAN App curates simple and easy climate actions that we can all take every day in 5 or 10 minutes that can impact major policies and actions. Download it now!

The final message Alma and Stephanie left us with is to keep our eyes open, believe we can make a difference, and keep being joyful while connecting your joy to climate action.

Like what you see? Make a tax-deductible donation to ClimateHope.US, a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world, to inspire joyful action to end the global climate crisis!

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